Getting ready for phpStorm 2.0 Final

JetBrains just released the newest EAP build, one in a long line of builds they’ve been releasing for us developers in their Early Access Program. I truly believe it’s awesome how JetBrains listens to their users and work hard to release this cutting edge editor.

What’s inside

phpStorm 2.0 has a lot of hot features. Most of them are already working in the newest EAP builds.

Features already in:

  • Zend debugger support
  • Refactoring features
  • New code inspections
  • Structure view sorting and filtering
  • New full-fledged code editor for SQL console, editable results grid, blob support
  • LESS support
  • New DVCS UI (Git, etc) with easy multiple repository branch switching, built-in log views and integrated cherrypicking, etc
  • Softwrap in code editor
  • Mercurial support
  • RelaxNG support

Implementation in process:

  • “Any framework” support mechanism
  • Zend framework support (zendtool, generators)
  • full fledged PHP namespace support
  • SASS 3 support, compilation support
  • Streamlined UI: more compact layout, better indication, better blending into OS style

Check out the phpStorm blog:
Newest EAP build can be downloaded here:
Development Roadmap:
Community forum:
Issue tracker:


Like the dark twilight theme? I’ve ported it to phpStorm, you can download it here.


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Vim assistant

Kohana 3.1 will be the last PHP 5.2+ release

So, the hot news are that Kohana 3.1, due by the end of the year, will be the last release for PHP 5.2.x. The next release, Kohana 3.2 will be support only PHP 5.3+. This is great news for people that already enjoying the benefits of PHP 5.3 which are major: Namespaces, lambda (anonymous) functions, and more…

One of the hot new features in Kohana 3.1 is Lambda routes. For example:

Route::set('testing', function($uri)
		if ($uri == 'foo/bar')
			return array(
				'controller' => 'welcome',
				'action'     => 'foobar',

Route::set('testing', function($uri)
		if ($uri == '</language regex/>(.+)')
			Cookie::set('language', $match[1]);
			return array(
				'controller' => 'welcome',
				'action'     => 'foobar'

Current Kohana 3.1 release notes: (may change)

  • Scratchpad, eventual general overview for 3.1 changes.
  • Rewritten request class
  • Added response classLambda routes
  • Added http_* classes, for responses (like 404s)
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PhpStorm & WebStorm 2.0 EAP build 100.36

phpStorm team has released another EAP version 2 of their excellent IDE, build 100.36

Most notable changes are:

  • PHP debuggers “Listen for connections” is now easily controlled via toolbar button.
  • Bookmarklets for easily starting/stopping xdebug session are now available for all browsers. More coming later.
  • Commandline tools support is extended to support Zend Tool, Symfony tool and shell commands. Default keybinding is Ctrl+Shift+X

Blog post:





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Github tree slider

Github added a tree slide feature, which means when you browse code now in Github (using Firefox 4, Chrome or Safari), you don’t have to wait for all the page to refresh and all the assets to reload, they introduced a new HTMl5 History API with some cool sliding effect.


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Total Commander v7.56

December 1, 2010: Total Commander 7.56 is now available for download. This version mainly corrects some errors which were found after the release of Total Commander 7.55a, but also adds some minor new features. The most important are:

  • Button bar right click menu: Option to run a program as administrator
  • Find files: Keep last search results when using “Go to file” or “Cancel”
  • Lister and Compare by content: Auto-detect UTF-8 files by their content


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Excluding directories with phpStorm

Sometimes the project you’re working on can include a lot of useless files or non-related you wish to ignore. Using phpStorm, goto Settings (Alt+Ctrl+S) | Directories | Select folders to exclude.

This will often let phpStorm be even more excise when displaying the object relationship trail.

Image 2

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Using Tabs in Textareas

Somebody at bitprophet managed to figure out a nice way to let people use the tab key to actually insert tabs, as opposed to its usual behaviour, which goes through the different form elements.

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Overuse of Computers & Avoiding RSI and CTS

Very interesting post in the Google blog, by Dr. Taraneh Razavi, M.D., Staff Doctor at Google. Razavi talks about overuse syndromes and repetitive stress injury:
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Creating Wildcard Subdomains + Controller/Dispatcher

Ever wanted to create an automatic system that will open subdomains for your customers? Or maybe you would like to control your subdomains without having to mess around with DNS and configuration files everytime, but have wildcard subdomains?

You’re in the right place. Continue reading!
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